Pandora's Music Box

by Elmer Abapo

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released August 21, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Spinnin
Ooh girl, you feel like my first hit
Relax, Breathe In
Feelin my zone yea I'm gone
i can't interpret, feels like a movie
feel like you already knew me
Girl I get high off you, Oh
you must be smoking me out
There's nothing that I won't do,
That's what I'm toking about.

You got me Spinnin, Spinnin, Spinnin
Spennin my time on you
you got me Spinnin, Spinnin, Spinnin,
Spennin my time on you

Diggin your aroma, hold up
oh I, got to, stop you
dont you leave on me yet
come a lil closer, I just gotta hold ya
can I lick that? 'fore I hit that,
I gotta turn you over.
Cuz im tryna see what is poking inside,
but it don't matter when it is potent inside.
Tell me you got that good shit, kush shit,
baby girl that bomb shit,
you know I want it, yea.
Track Name: In My Dreams
How could you wake me up?
I was dreamin of you, and all of the things I'd like to do to you
I'm fiendin for you, and ain't nobody gonna stop me.

If I turn you over, Bend you over, it's really not what it seems
If I turn you over, Bend you over, Its only in my dreams.

Only inside of my dreams can I take you home.
Baby Please stay with me, I can't sleep alone.
Track Name: Carousel
Know you've waited a long time,
Now that you're first in line,
you can just sit yourself down,
we can go round and round.
Wrap your hands round that pole.
Tell me you're ready to go.
I see you're excited, I know you gon like it

So ride on me baby, you know I'll be your carousel
So ride on me baby, you know I'll be your carousel

Here it's all smiles and laughs,
dont be afraid of going too fast,
cuz ill take you higher,
and if you get anxious, just grip the pole tighter.
Tell me you love this ride,
cuz it makes you feel good inside.
I see that you like it, so girl please don't fight it.

So ride on me baby, you know I'll be your carousel
So ride on me baby, you know I'll be your carousel

We can go up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down,
up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down.

You will never Lie to me, this you promised,
And you will never cheat on me, lets be honest
Now you would never lie to me, this you'd promise,
And you would never cheat on me, Let's be honest,
But have you ever lied to me? on a promise,
and have you ever cheated on me? lets be honest
Now did you ever lie to me? broke your promise,
oh did you ever cheat on me? lets be honest.
Track Name: Elmer Abapo feat. Brandon Millares - The Temptation
Shard's of Glass, Chardonnay,
The smell is so intoxicating.
And satan waits, at my door,
cuz she knows my conscience is fading.

Give your mind to me,
I've got just what you need.

Shard's of Glass, Heart attached,
broken and spiraling forward.
Conscience says, "do your best"
but Lucy keeps pushing me over.

Give your mind to me,
I've got just what you need.
Track Name: Craving
You've got nowhere to run to,
it's not like you wanna escape,
but I just wanna have myself some fun too,
Just think of all the trouble that we'd make
Come a little closer, need to hear ya,
whisper in my ear, you like it rough
I've got more than you need to satisfy you,
so don't tell me that you have had enough

You've got, something about you that, I want
but don't you give it up easy,
Make me beg for it and tease me, oh tease me
I don't like you, but I need you
Save me, from this longing, aching
thirsting, wanting, craving that you can fulfill.

I promise you baby, we're in this alone
Nobody can see us, he don't have to know
I need you to need me when I'm at my low,
cuz she, don't need me.
Move slow, and I'll run my fingers down your back,
and you dont know, what Imma do when the rooms goes black.
Track Name: Tourniquet
you got me twisted,
dont you try turning me around,
she's tryna take my soul, Im not feelin in control,
see I'm gifted,
And now that the time is winding down,
The music starts to slow, I'm not sure of where to go.
It's a cycle, satan's recital,
inside of this music box.
Enticing, so hypnotizing,
She'll take you away, take you away
To your Dreams.