I Can't Leave You Alone

by Elmer Abapo

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A song questioning where life is taking me in the next 5 years.


See I'm so optimistic, boy I'm that college day dreamer,
Just tryna make enough to see myself driving a Beemer,
And since I'm spittin verses that are hotter than a fever,
All my music tends to be on the tight end like a receiver
Hold up,
I'm just tryna pass my classes,
but doing that and making music always seems to clash, its
a struggle for my passions,
especially when all the artists out here are competing hard to reach the top the fastest,
See I could be the best, but being the best doesn't define success,
success is working hard and playing less,
So I'm never getting rest,
cuz diamonds will only become diamonds after undergoing pressure and some stress,
See I could have the talent, but that can turn to self-entitlement and big ego so easily if I allow it,
So help keep me grounded, but keep me lifted,
cuz alot is on my shoulders and I need your help to lift it
So I'm carrying my team, now I'm carrying my city
And I'm waiting on a call either from Childish or from Drizzy
Those the two that I admire, and the two that I relate with,
Only rappers in the game that I'm believing really say shit,
See I'm just tryna make it for my girl and for my fam,
And bring up my whole team, as much of them as I can,
See my dreams are in the clouds, but it's time for them to land
Cuz I'm feenin for the moment when I become who I am

I can't leave you alone, you got me feenin


released November 29, 2014
Artist: Elmer Abapo
Producer: Elmer Abapo
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered: Abapo Studios



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